113250 moves
and counting

113250 moves
and counting

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Since 2003, E-Movers has a single goal; to make moving a simple and seamless experience. We evolve continuously to ensure you relocate with the least inconvenience. Moving with us is a happy experience because we keep our sacred promise.


A NPS* of over 90, a Google Rating of 5 for over 93% reviews and 80% of moves from customer referrals, says we are keeping our promise.

Premium Plus

Our new Premium Plus service accentuates the pride and pleasure of moving home. A bouquet of services blends together for your ultimate comfort and convenience. Moving in and moving out services complement the relocation making it truly a No Mess No Stress Delightful Move.

Ask for our Premium Plus plans for your next move.

  • Handyman
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Move in and out cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

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No mess No stress Way

Moving is a clockwork exercise that starts from the time we come for a survey. Experience is supported by a process that produces the best quote for your move and puts together the right team and tools to complete the job.


The finishing touches, the way you want it. Thank you.


Our team leader, trained and experienced, orchestrates the move.


A team of young and agile packers arrive on time.


Each piece receives the care it deserves. Clothes, cutlery, art, and furniture.


Working with speed and diligence the team starts the packing.


Lady packers understand the nuances of handling feminine attire and collections.


Light and heavy furniture receive special packing for transit.


It takes as much skill to disassemble as it takes to put it back together.


All packages secured and ready to go to your new place.


Arriving at your new place the team unloads and unpacks.


Our team is trained to handle electronics and appliances as well.


Our handyman puts together your new life.

Click through the magic show to see how we move your home the No Mess No Stress Way.

Download our secret recipe for No Mess No Stress move.



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