5 Interesting Facts about Expo 2020 that will blow your mind

October 10, 2021

Dubai is a land of possibilities and yet again the country has caught international attention by launching Expo 2020. The mega event has demonstrated to the world their vast potential and organizational capabilities.

Expo 2020 brings the entire world to Dubai to meet the 192 participating countries in their own standalone pavilion. Expo 2020 Dubai theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” will be a celebration of human achievement and innovation, inspiring the future generation to spark creative ideas. Besides showcasing the cutting-edge and futuristic vision of Dubai, the Expo will also enhance the UAE’s international reputation in terms of rich cultural heritage, business growth and tourism.

Brush your brain neurons to know these amazing facts about the event:

Spanning a huge Area

The Expo site stretches over a staggering area of 4.38 square kilometers, equivalent to four times the total land area of the largest shopping mall in the world – The Dubai Mall. From a bird’s-eye view, the venue resembles three flower petals, each petal a Thematic District – Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

Unique entry gates

The ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre gates to Expo 2020 are something entirely special. Designed by British architect Asif Khan, the three ‘Entry Portals’ reflect the event logo from certain angles, so keep your eyes peeled for that illusion. Though the gates are 21 metres high, you can swing it open with ease.

Expo Logo inspired by a ring

The logo of Dubai expo is inspired by an archeological site. Right after the announcement of the next host city, the government of Dubai announced a competition for logo design. The design of the logo was selected by the ruler of Dubai. It was inspired by a ring found in an archeological site 4,000 years ago, in an ancient archaeological site named Saruq Al Hadid in Al Marmoom. The ring has come to symbolize connectivity, resilience and heritage.

The first and the largest

Expo 2020 is probably Dubai’s most ambitious project. Indeed, it is the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region, as well as the first Expo to be hosted by an Arab nation. Moreover, Expo 2020 Dubai will be the third largest event after the Olympics and the soccer World Cup.

100% Ecological Project

The sustainability and the energy saving are at the heart of the concerns of this exhibition. Firstly, 90% of the material used during the construction process will be reused or repurposed to build public buildings. Then, solar panels will be used to provide the venue with electricity. These actions are targeted to decrease significantly the carbon footprint, water, and energy consumption.

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Now, you might be wondering what’s happening after Expo closes its doors on March 31, 2022. A whole new district will be coming to life next October, a smart, future-ready city called District 2020. As per Expo’s sustainability agenda, the city will inherit 80 per cent of the Expo-built buildings for the event.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.