Add on Moving Services

September 8, 2021

Since 2003, E-Movers has been offering professional local and international relocation services and storage services in the UAE. Backed by long standing years of experience and expertise in home and office relocation business, we offer a spectrum of moving services to ensure every nuance of the move is taken care of. Our team of packers and movers are adequately trained on fail-proof packing and shifting techniques to ensure all your delicate and valuable belongings arrive in a damage-free condition.

We also provide a host of add on moving services to ensure your convenience and comfort when moving. From shifting your delicate plants, moving weighty gym equipment, chandelier installation to cleaning services, we can handle it all for you. So, when opting for our moving services, do have a look at some of the add-on moving services we offer.

Lady Packers Service

A woman can better understand another woman and her love for her valuables from wardrobe to kitchenware. We offer well-trained lady packers as an additional service to increase your comfort. The lady packers will take care of packing and organizing your delicate items with utmost care and caution. If your family seeks extra support, then go in for this service.

Plants Moving

We understand the gardening efforts you have put in to grow your botanicals. Our team extends the same care while transporting your green life to your new abode. Your plants would be carefully loaded in an air-conditioned vehicle and strapped securely to make a damage-free move. The next time you move, be assured your plants would be successfully relocated and thriving in their new home with our safe plant moving services.

Gym Equipment Shifting

Moving heavy and intricate gym equipment is a specialist job and requires a highly skilled technician well versed in handling gym equipment. Our experienced team will dismantle, pack, transport and re-assemble your gymnasium at your new premises without missing any nuts or screws. Request for gym moving service if you have an elaborate gym that needs an expert relocation.

Chandelier Installation

Chandelier installation requires expertise beyond that of a regular electrician. We have in our team skilled and trained electrician’s adept at handling of intricate glass chandeliers and decorative lamps. We also offer chandelier cleaning services to give you a brighter start at your new place. Our add-on service for chandelier relocation is a must for your expensive light fixtures.

Post Move Cleaning

Our handyman team can handle all the cleaning, minor repairs, and re-painting tasks for your rented apartment, villa or office. We can help ensure that you leave your premises clean and neat as per the expectation of your landlord to claim your security deposit fully. Ask us to quote for this add-on cleaning service in your next move.

If you are looking for a full-service moving company in the UAE who offer a bundle of add-on services, then contact E-Movers on 800 EMOVERS (800 366 8377) for quality home relocation services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other parts of the Emirates. or visit our page to book your upcoming move.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.