Coping with the Loneliness of Moving Abroad

February 5, 2024

Moving abroad brings colossal changes in life which are both exciting and challenging. But accepting challenges is a sure way to grow and discover new opportunities.

Even though moving overseas can open better career opportunities and remuneration packages, you soon begin to feel lonely or lost in a new country. But remember, feeling blue or lonely after shifting abroad is completely natural and you’re not alone in this. Remember your life circumstances are temporary and there is a myriad of ways to deal with loneliness, which we discuss in this article.

Stay connected with friends/family

If you’re struggling with loneliness or if you’re feeling a bit lost, it is always healthy to express how you feel to friends and family back home. Even though they aren’t close by, they’re just a call or text away. Opening up your feelings and staying connected throughout will make you feel less alone.

Make new friends

Joining local interest groups and networking clubs are a great way to bump into and connect with new people and make friends. Volunteering in your local community and attending events around is also a good way to feel good and integrate yourself into the new city.

Date the city

Exploring the city can be a lot of fun. Wear a tourist hat and explore the new attractions in town. Whether it’s parks, museums, historical sites, beaches or just urban exploring, get out and get going on the local bus/metro or walk around to understand the connecting routes. Also savor the local delicacies and dishes. The more you immerse yourself in discovering the city the less intimidating your experiences turn and soon you’ll no longer feel a stranger in town.

Occupy yourself with hobbies

Focusing on a hobby or interest can keep you busy and strengthen your sense of purpose and meaning at this phase in your life. If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, take on gardening or enroll in a distance learning course, this could be the best time. Doing something creative like writing memoirs, painting or learning to cook can keep you occupied and ward off worry-inducing thoughts.

Adopt a pet

If you’re are animal lover and find comfort in their company, then adopting a pet and caring for it provides unconditional companionship. Even if you’re not ready to own a cat or a dog, offer to shelter a street one or walk your neighbor’s pet regularly. This way you’ll get company during walks and have people and their kids candidly inquiring about the pet.

Learn to relax

Practicing yoga, meditation and exercising regularly are excellent ways to alleviate stress, tension and anxiety. Take a relaxing bath, sip green tea, or refreshing juices, read a good book, or curl up with a Netflix movie to kill time. Also, whenever you miss your loved ones, you can always find solace in their pics or albums, and this’ll reduce the homesickness and loneliness feel.

Lastly as you’ve made the big decision to move abroad, you can make the next big decision to set your life right. Treating each day as an expedition or adventure will squeeze the best out of each day and make the feeling of loneliness pass away.

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Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.