Declutter for More Organized Living

June 24, 2024

The accumulation of stuff is often inevitable in a home – furniture, appliances, electronic equipment, clothes and of course, other personal items fill the house. You never realize how much stuff you have until it’s time to move house.

While checking and packing all that you have you understand not all your stuff is useful to you. Isn’t it easier and faster to discard or donate things you do not need and travel lighter to your new home? Decluttering before moving reduces your packing and transporting load and decreases your moving costs too. In this article, our movers have listed a few useful tips to get rid of clutter before moving to a new home.

Take stock of all that you have

To purge the excess, you should know how much you have. Take stock of all the items in your rooms, cupboards, closets, pantry and other home areas. You can then categorize them into useful, not useful and useful for later use.

Discard, donate or sell

Items which are no longer serving you can be discarded in the bin. However, if these items are still functioning, you can consider donating them to those in need or selling them off to get some cash. By this, you give your things a second life and ensure their reuse, while you also lighten your load when moving.

Consider storage solutions

For all stuff that is useful in the future, you can consider keeping them in a storage facility in UAE until you need. Housing them in a storage unit will ensure their safe and neat condition while also freeing up space in your new home. Moreover things like seasonal wear, festival decorations, sporting equipment, extra furniture and antique items can be added to your off-site storage list.

Organize and keep your home clutter free

Now that you‘ve gone through a decluttering assignment, make it a point to keep only the essentials and avoid buying the unnecessary in your new home. Always ask yourself, “Is this indispensable? Will it occupy space? Can I do without it?” before you buy anything new in your new home.

We hope by following these tips you can avoid bringing clutter into your new home and set the stage for more organized living.

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