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I used to be a Solicitor, working for big global businesses based in London and Dubai. That was my dream from when I was a teenager at Grammar school and I succeeded. My speciality was Corporate, Company and Intellectual Property Law. I enjoyed my work. I didn’t love it, but the wages were good, and I got to travel occasionally to cool places like Mexico, Switzerland, India, and home (the UK).

However, in 2013 it got too much. I was overworked, tired, stressed, anxious and miserable. I didn’t get to see the daylight. I was working with micromanagers and got no respect, despite being the top-performing female in the company. One day, I had enough, shut my office door and started googling being an organiser.

I had talked about being an organiser for a few years, especially in the early 2000s when I was working in London. When I spoke to my best friend about it, I assumed it was a crazy idea and that no one would pay for someone to organise their life. It turns out I was wrong – by 2013 it was a huge industry in the USA and UK. However, there was no one doing it in the Middle East region. I decided that day (after talking to family and friends for a couple of weeks) to take the plunge and start the business. My business, DeCluttr Me was created in early 2013, I quit my job in September 2013 and have been helping people get organised ever since.

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When I started, no one understood what I did. There wasn’t a word for decluttering in Arabic, but now it is a cool thing to do and there is a little less stigma with having someone come into your house to organise it.

Of course, there are still people who think it is crazy to pay for this service. Still, if you are busy, overwhelmed, frustrated, and have a clutter cloud hanging over your head, there is no harm in getting a professional to come in and help you get organised.

Of course, there are still people who think it is crazy to pay for this service. Still, if you are busy, overwhelmed, frustrated, and have a clutter cloud hanging over your head, there is no harm in getting a professional to come in and help you get organised.

Fortunately, he got the original international moving company to rescue him and his move was completed, though delayed by a couple of days. It was a close shave and Rohit shudders at the thought of what would have happened to his precious cargo had he gone ahead with the duplicate company. Returning back to the same apartment in Oudh Metha was not possible as it had no apartments to let, so they rented another apartment in the same area. The kids went back to their earlier school, and a few friends didn’t even realise that they were gone and now back. Anupama by now could have easily passed an exam for International Moving and could go on a Speaker circuit preaching how to move at short notice.

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I always recommend that clients do a declutter session with me before the move to ensure we take only what they want (and need) into their new home. A declutter session can be a day or maybe two, depending on the house’s size.

We aim to get rid of old food, expired medicine, old clothes that you can’t fit into, anything broken or unused and generally rubbish. Why would you want to bring the rubbish with you?

It is also a good time to unpack that moving box you never unpacked the last time you moved into your home. It often turns out that it has items that aren’t very important to your life anymore, and it is just taking up precious space.

While we are decluttering, I also start categorising items and organising piles, so that it is easy for the packers to pack similar items into boxes, then make sure they go to the correct spot in the new home. The easier it is to pack, the easier it will be to unpack on the other side.

Once a client is in their new home, I often work with movers and regularly with E-Movers, to organise the things that have been unpacked from boxes into proper systems. My aim is that you should always be able to find everything you’re looking for in less than five seconds by using simple, logical systems. Every area is labelled and items are put in the correct zones, whether in the kitchen, closet, or bathroom. This lets you settle in as quickly as possible. The relief I see from clients when they move into their new homes smoothly is awesome to watch. It feels like a mountain has been lifted from their shoulders.

If you are moving soon and want to have your belongings transported carefully, I would recommend E-Movers and also DeCluttr Me Me to make sure everything is put away in an organised manner, allowing you to find your stuff in less than five seconds moving forward.

If you need organising services in your new home, mention E-MOVERS filling in the contact form at and get 15% discount on our Half and Full Day decluttering Packages*.

Terms and Conditions

  • – Discount available for new clients only. One use only.
  • – Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • – Does not include material, assistant organiser fees and travel fees.
  • – Offer valid until 31 December 2022. All bookings and sessions must be complete by this date.
  • – Mention E-MOVERS when contacting DeCluttr Me Me via their contact form on site ,social media (@decluttrme) or by chat.

NOTE: Clients routed or referred by DeClutter Me to E-Movers will avail 5% discount on domestic home moves in UAE. Please mention the special promocode DECLUTTRME to fetch the discount when submitting your

Request for a moving quote online.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.