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The first reminder sets off to Abbas ‘Visit Site 1’ as I am left hanging on a call while he drives to work early morning. Unable to catch him for an interview I finally manage to catch hold of him at the office as he gets himself ready for his next site visit. With a sparkle in his eyes and warmth in his tone, he starts the interview straight narrating the rollercoaster experiences of his life.

No one defines discipline and confidence better than Engineer Yawar Abbas Bangash, the Construction Manager at a Leading Group Company whom we regularly partner for furniture installation and fit-out jobs for a range of projects in the UAE. In this piece, Abbas poignantly recalls moments of his early years and accords his strong roots in sculpting his success today.


Born in a middle-class Pakistani family in Khurram, a Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA), he grew up along with his 3 brothers and 2 sisters on the mountainous range alongside the Pak- Afghan border. The name Kurram comes from the river Kuramá which flows through the mountains like a snake. He recalls how close to nature life was in the scenic mountainous range covering the valley in the northwestern part of Pakistan.

Abbas Roots

His father ran a general trading shop and struggled to make ends meet, but he ensured his children got the best possible education. Abbas completed his primary, and secondary school in Pakistan all the way to earning a civil engineering degree from Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS).

Though nature surrounded life, life on the border was not easy. The frequent tension and commotion forced shut down of shops, thus affecting business. This meant a bunch of difficulties during the growing up years in life.

Career Pathway

After gaining a years’ experience in Local Pakistan Builders, he decided to explore opportunities in the UAE with a visit visa. Initially finding a job was tough and he faced despair and dejection. But giving up wasn’t in his veins and he gave a second visit a try. This time, lucky stars by his side, he managed to fetch a job as Structural Engineer at Hawraa Engineering Consultants, Dubai.

Over the years, another good opportunity came at Al Khayyat Investments where he joined as the Construction and Fit-out Manager. This company offered him a platform to transform his career to the next level with prestigious projects in UAE. One is the Solar Innovation Centre at Al Qudra and Royal Atlantis in Palm Jumeirah among the list.

Abbas Career

With gratitude in his voice, he asserts “It was my Jordanian boss who played a mentor’s role in guiding and shaping my career. When I joined my boss trained me from small projects of villas to the mega-scale Royal Atlantis resort. Even though I committed mistakes initially, he gave me backing and motivation and supported me through the way.”

From his work experience, Abbas ascertains that “Sitting in AC cabins doesn’t give you the experience you need. It’s only working ‘under the sun and in rain’ on the field that truly gives you ground root experience.”

While tirelessly working for a stint of 3+ years, it always flashed his mind that he needed to also set up his own venture. And with passing years he made his dream come true side by side, setting up two companies from scratch. One is Noor Al Fajar, a rental car company and the other is Cozy Concepts, an interior fit-out company. In his workplace, he is in the process of completing the final stage of his projects and preparing the handover of accounts to focus full-time on his businesses. He will forever cherish the warm memories of his boss who played a lead role in giving his career a lift.

His association with E-Movers

Looking out for a company that could do the furniture installation job perfectly to 100 percent, Abbas came across an advertisement of E-Movers on print and radio. He decided to research, check their track record, and study the portfolio of projects they have executed in the past.

He was impressed by the stature and caliber of projects E-Movers executed over the years. When signing up for E-Movers he confidently bet they can do it and till date they haven’t proved his bet wrong. Out of all the decisions Abbas took at work, his management affirms that ‘Signing E-Movers for the Furniture installation and fit-out tasks’ was the best decision.

He sums it up in one sentence “E-Movers execute a truly stress-free mess free work no matter how challenging the job is. For them everything is possible, and the team is always cooperative and courteous.” He is all praise for Ms. Siddhi Joshi, General Manager of E-Movers and Mr. Sunil for smoothly executing the massive fit out of 60000+ items ranging from kitchen equipment, lights and chandeliers.

Life In Dubai

Abbas Learned the importance of discipline from his father at an early age, seeing how he went to work dot on time. Even when he landed in Dubai away from his father’s shadow to face the sun, he continues to arm himself with an umbrella of virtues like honesty and discipline he imbibed from his father.

Abbas With Father

Life in his village in Pakistan had ongoing struggles but landing in Dubai showed him a life of opportunities and hope towards a splendid future. Working in Dubai polished his skills and gave him the finesse he needed. Working with different nationalities Turkish, Arabs, Americans, British offered so much to learn and appreciate the beauty of different cultures worldwide.

Personal Life

Abbas is happily married and blessed with 2 daughters aged 5 and 2 years. Even though he has to squeeze time for family on workdays due to his hectic schedule, he dedicates the weekends entirely to them. He follows a simple rule of not lifting calls or replying to messages on weekends, unless very urgent. His typical weekday starts at 6 am where he begins the day offering namaz and then he enjoys dropping his kid to the school by 7 am, after which he heads straight to his office in International City and then after work, he visits his businesses.

Abbas With two Daughters

Back in Pakistan, tired of the clashes in his homeland Abbas relocated his parents to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan for a more secure and stable life. He plans to visit his village with his family during vacations to let his children experience life in the mountains and reminisce about his childhood. All optimistic, Abbas also plans to set up a business in Pakistan to secure his post-retirement life, while often visiting his Ammi, Abbu, bhaijan and behenjis.

His advice to the youth is “No matter what shortcuts you try, it won’t sustain you in the long run and one day you ‘ll fall down. It’s ultimately hard work that pays off. You have to constantly learn the new and best if you learn it from the ground root level. Be clear of your interests and goals in life and get some good work experience before you establish a business of your own.”

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.