Dubai Fast-forward 2050 – The World’s Cleanest City

October 4, 2022

Turning back time you’ll be amazed by the magnitude of transformation Dubai underwent from a barren desert land to a bustling metropolis. All praise to its visionary leaders for their relentless efforts to make possible every kind of achievement in the world records. The leaders instead of rejoicing in the success are onto the next plan – to make Dubai the Cleanest City by 2050 and we at E-Movers pledge full support.

With focus on sustainability to combat urbanization-related challenges, Dubai has taken an audacious decision to turn the city into a green oasis amidst the desert. With ever-ambitious goals to minimize carbon footprint up to 70 percent, Dubai is paving its way to be the cleanest city by 2050. Propagating an eco-consciousness living culture, its government has encouraged the use of public transport, electric cars and solar energy to keep emissions in check. The considerate initiatives of banning single-use plastic bags and promoting refillable bottles will create a big difference to the environment in the long run.

E-Movers, leading home movers in Dubai, firmly believe we’re responsible not only towards our customers but also the environment we live in. Aligned to vision 2050 we pledge full support towards moving to a clean green economy.

Moving by design is no eco-friendly process given the use of plastic wraps, bags and gas-guzzling moving trucks. While certain things are necessary for distant moves, we’ve implemented several procedures to cut down on environmental impact. As a leading UAE moving company, we’ve diligently taken initiatives to recycle moving materials, repurpose resources and reduce waste. Here are some of our green initiatives in line with the country’s sustainability vision.

  • We sell and utilize only recyclable and biodegradable packing materials of durable nature to mitigate contribution to landfills.
  • We reuse our packing containers during moves and also encourage customers to reuse moving boxes.
  • Our customers are advised to declutter home days before the move. All unwanted furniture and household items are collected for free to deliver to our partner Red Crescent who in turn donate them to needy families.
  • Our well insulated and smartly automated storage warehouses reduce energy consumption for air conditioning and heating.
  • To lessen our carbon footprint, we’re also contemplating to convert our fleet of moving trucks to biofuel, solar power our warehouse and encourage the use of public transport, electric vehicles and other eco-friendly living options.

Year on year, as a team we are strengthening our resolve to discover and reinvent green moving solutions. Our eco-friendly moving services will turn an integral step in helping the country to attain its welfare goals. And when we enter 2050, Dubai is destined to the World’s cleanest city, one that we all will be proud to call home.

Chirantan Joshi, Managing Director, E-Movers

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Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.