E-Movers — A People-Powered Company

February 29, 2024

In any service sector, people are important to delivering the service quality. A brand is the perception created by its team and people can either make or break the brand values. At E-Movers, a top moving company in Dubai, we understand this well and do all that it takes to align our team with our value systems so that our customers can truly experience our ‘No Mess No Stress’ promise.

As moving home is both an exciting and taxing process, a whirlwind of emotions play on people’s minds. Moving from one house to another, local or international, disrupts routine life and brings in a lot of stress. At E-Movers, we invest time and money to train our movers and packers to relate to people’s emotions and exercise utmost care to alleviate the stressors of moving.

This is why E-Movers is not a mechanical relocation service provider, but a caring and understanding mover who pledges to make moving a stress-free affair. In this article, I explain how we empower our team of home movers to do a neat and efficient job.

Aligning to our value systems

As relocation is a labor-intensive business, people are the key to delivering an overall pleasant service experience. We hire people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, treat them with utmost dignity and rigorously train them to align with our company’s value system. Over the years they’re the true power of the business and we’re proud that our consistent and effective training efforts have resulted in a high customer satisfaction of over 97% for the last few years.

Clear and courteous communication

Planning and communication are the pillars of a smooth and hassle-free move. We train our people in planning, organizing hacks, polite communication, courteous interaction skills and adhering to safety standards during moves. This mainly contributes to making the customer’s life easy and worry-free during the relocation process.

Continous training for problem-solving and prevention

Training is not a one-time effort rather a continuous one at E-Movers. Over the years we’ve maintained records of client complaints and escalations in our learning register. We use this data as a base to formulate training programs on what can go wrong during moves and ways to prevent it from happening again. We also design a yearly calendar for training our people and ensure it’s done at regular intervals.

Trained and engaged employees act as true advocates of the brand and live up to its values during the execution process. This in essence is why E-Movers is a people-powered company that maintains a culture of care, empathy and understanding during every move.

Chirantan Joshi, Managing Director, E-Movers

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.