E-Movers team undergoes fire fighting training by Civil Defence

February 25, 2020

The team at E-Movers attended a fire fighting training by Civil Defense. The training was conducted by Emirates Civil Defense Academy; part of the Civil Defence. They updated the attendees on the responsibilities for safety measures and the civil defence requirements to be fulfilled within E-Movers.

This training was organised to give everyone an integrated approach to fire and safety requirements in order to ensure compliance and efficiency. The trainers did more than just lecture. They proactively raised the competency level of all attendees. Brief lectures were followed by hands-on exercises so that attendees master new skills right away.

Around 30% of E-Movers staff get trained every year by Civil Defense on fire safety. The E-Movers team was informed about a total of 5 types of fires- Ordinary fires, fires caused due to flammable liquids, fire due to electrical appliances, mechanical (due to metals) and kitchen fire occurring at the time of cooking.

Detailed instructions regarding the causes and solutions about how to put off the fire was provided by the training officers. They then trained our staff to put off real fires. This practical training gave them a better understanding of how to tackle such a situation in real life, provided it arises at all.

The Civil Defence encouraged team building, by creating social involvement and allowing full participation. This ideology worked, as being a part of a strong team helped our employees to overcome limitations and learn faster. As a result, they mastered the tools and techniques of fire fighting training faster, and with a deeper understanding of the knowledge.

The E-Movers team were given multiple scenarios and case studies to understand the problems that occur in real life, and find solutions to them. This was so that they could provide a quick and timely response in the event of fire emergencies. Towards the end, Civil defence actually set up the fire, and the E-Movers team was able to put it off. The trainees acknowledged that they have acquired experience and knowledge which boosted their efficiency to handle fire incidents and to use fire fighting equipment in battling different types of fires. They also praised the teaching staff.

By the end of the training, our employees were able to understand the basic concepts of fire prevention, the theory and practical aspects of fire fighting, proper use of fire extinguishers.

Employees from both our Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices were trained. This training has put us in a good position to handle contingencies better and provide superior service to our clients. Our crew is now trained to deal with fire incidents if they ever occur in the course of business. Being trained by the Civil Defence themselves, we have no doubt in our capabilities.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.