Ensuring Emotional Well-Being During Moves

June 24, 2024

When shifting house, you bid goodbye to your family and friends and cope with the nostalgia that accompanies move. Adjusting to a new home takes time and it’s normal to experience a range of emotions during the transition period. Being patient and keeping your mind open will help you navigate this significant life phase.

E-Movers, a reputable international moving company in Dubai, has helped several families relocate over the years and we empathize with your emotions that can range from excitement to despair. In this article, we provide valuable guidance for individuals and families to keep their emotional well-being intact as they navigate the complexities of home relocation.

Share your feelings

During a move it’s humane to experience a mix of feelings like sadness, anxiety and even depression to leave behind the familiar. Bottling up your emotions will only make things worse and lead to a crash down situation. It is okay to cry and let your heart out expressing your feelings to your loved ones. Validating your feelings will lighten your heaviness inside. Also, the empathy, encouragement and practical advice offered will help you cope and move on with life.

Prioritize self-care

In the chaos of packing and moving, your routine may go off track. Skipping meals and naps will make you feel more irritated and miserable. It is best that you eat your meals on time and schedule rest and breaks in between. Listening to your bodily cues and attending to its needs will keep you energized and positively looking forward to the move.

Connect with people

Landing in a new home, neighborhood and city is a lonely feel. But there’s nothing stopping you from heading to your neighbors’ doors, greeting them and making friends. Also be one step ahead by joining networking groups, hobby clubs and other forums. Through this you’ll bump into new people, develop acquaintances and gradually grow the bonds of friendships. Soon, your loneliness will fade away.

Stay in touch with loved ones

Although distance has separated you from your loved ones, you can make the best use of technology to connect to facetime. Hoping onto video calls, instant messages and sharing your feelings as emojis can always keep the bonds of love alive. Updating about the happenings in your part of world and knowing theirs will make you feel less away. Also, you can always bank on your family for support, good advice and guidance when you need it the most.

Seek medical intervention

Despite all these measures, if you ever feel you are unable to cope with so many changes at one time, it is best you seek help from a medical expert. Trained psychologists can level up your emotional state through talk therapy and medication. Also not going too hard on yourself and taking in changes one by one will help you adjust to your new life.

We hope you are emotionally prepared and looking forward to your fast-approaching move.

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Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.