Fragile! Handle with Care

October 31, 2019

Relocating your family is a confounded procedure, attachment to your house and personal belongings/items add to the torment. Quality packing plays an important role, as different items need to be handled differently using appropriate packaging materials. Our Head of International Moving at E-Movers, Roy Augustin, emphasizes that the packing team needs to distinguish the type of item being handled, particularly when it comes to costly or treasured valuables that cannot be easily replaced by a trip to the supermarket. Here, are some tips we share with you for packing while relocating


These could range from a simple picture frame to expensive paintings and sculptures. To pack them, first keep the item on a clean flat surface. All corners of the frame should be protected using custom-made protective cups. Use a polythene sheet as the first layer, followed by bubble sheet wrapping and 5-ply hard sheet packing. Use silica gel sachets to absorb moisture if the shipment will be sailing through different climates. Prepare custom-made wooden crates and insert packed items into them. Thermocol sheets should be used inside the creates to keep the items tightly in place.

Antiques and Collectables

Sentimental value is more important than the monetary value in most cases. To pack such items, use craft paper as the first layer followed by a bubble sheet and 5-ply hard sheet. Packed items should be inserted into custom-made wooden cases padded with thermocol to avoid internal movements.

Pianos and other Musical Instruments

This category requires, handling by a trained technician. Dismantling pedals and legs should be done by a professional before packing. And to pack, use craft paper as the first layer, followed by bubble sheet and 5-ply hardboard sheets. Packed items will be further placed into custom-made wooden cases with added cushioning of thermocol and foam. Mark properly with an up arrow on the outer side of the crates.

Crystal, China, Porcelain and Silverware

These items have often been painstakingly collected over the years, and their fragility demands extra care. Each item should be individually wrapped in craft paper followed by bubble sheets. All these items need to be further packed into 5-ply cartons with adequate protection using foam and papers.

Dresses, Bags, and Shoes

Suites, blazers and similar items should be packed in stand-up wardrobe cartons, using hangers. This will avoid wrinkles in clothes. Other clothes should be packed in flat clothes with a layer craft paper lining the box. These items will be further packed into small cartons. Items must be kept in loose condition. To avoid permanent damage, do not stuff several packages on top of one another.

TVs and Home Appliances

New generation TVs and high-value electronic goods are sensitive in nature even minor pressure on these products can cause permanent damage. To pack, wrap the product with polythene followed by bubble sheet and 5-ply hard sheets. Packed items should be inserted into custom-made wooden cases padded with thermocol to avoid these jostling around.

Moving your valuables safely can be risky business if you don’t employ the services of a professional team, as good packing goes beyond simply wrapping up things in boxes.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.