Google Arts & Culture – Online Museum Tour

April 26, 2020

Bored of watching Netflix and surfing on the internet at home in this pandemic?

How about taking a tour of some famous museums without leaving your couch?

Google Arts & Culture teamed up with over 2500 museums and galleries around the globe to bring virtual tours and online exhibits of some of the most famous museums around the world.

Google Arts & Culture’s collection includes the British Museum in London, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Guggenheim in New York City, and literally hundreds of more places where you can gain knowledge about art, history, and science. This collection is especially good for students who are looking for ways to stay on top of their studies while schools are closed.

Google Arts & Culture (formerly Google Art Project) is an online platform through which the public can view high-resolution images and videos of artworks and cultural artifacts.

This digital platform has high-resolution images and enables the users to explore the artwork’s physical and contextual information in 18n languages including English, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish and Indonesian.

Famous Museums includes:
Guggenheim Museum, New York
British Museum, London
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul
Pergamon Museum, Berlin
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Musée d’Orsay, Paris
National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City
MASP, São Paulo

Google arts & culture enables the following features:

Virtual gallery tour
In this tour, the users can virtually walk through the galleries.

Artwork view
In this, users can zoom in the artwork of the galleries to view the picture in detail and over 32,000 high-quality images are available for this microscopic view.

Creation of an artwork collection
In this, users can compile any number of images from the partner organizations and save specific views of artworks to create a personalized virtual exhibition. Using Google’s link abbreviator (Goo.gl), users could share their artwork collection with others through social media and conventional online communication mechanisms.

Explore and Discover
In this, Google has updated the search capabilities for the users so that they can easily find artworks.

Video & Audio content
The galleries of Google arts & culture have welcome videos at the start of the tour of each gallery and audio guides for certain artworks. For example, Michelle Obama filmed a welcome video for the White House gallery page, and Israel’s Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem launched a YouTube channel with 400 hours of original video footage from the trial of Adolf Eichmann which users could access through the museum’s Arts & Culture exhibits.

Google Arts & Culture includes several educational tools and resources for teachers and students, such as educational videos, art history timelines, art toolkits, and comparative teaching resources.

Art Selfies
Google Arts & Culture allows people to find their fine art likeness by snapping a selfie. The app matches the user’s face to old art museum portraits from Google’s database.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.