Goodbye EXPO, Hello EXPO City Dubai : Relive the magic

September 25, 2022

Garden in the Sky, Water Feature and Pavilion Favorites to wow visitors at the legacy site. For EXPO enthusiasts who wish to experience the magic again minus the large crowds, now is the time.

EXPO 2020 a great success in UAE visited by 24 million plus visitors left an ineradicable mark in the history of World Exhibitions. Everyone mourning its closure was curious to know what would happen to the venue. To everyone’s surprise, Sheikh Mohammed announced the transformation of the site into EXPO City, that’ll represent Dubai’s soaring ambitions. The announcement of the date of partial opening came much earlier than expected causing a swirl of excitement among fans.

With the Emirates exalting its landmark infrastructure; the city is up to offer unique opportunities for businesses from startups to blue chips. Major company headquarters, as well as mega events and exhibitions will be nested within this city. Developers confirmed that DP World and Siemens and other big companies would make EXPO City their new headquarters.

Here’s all you need to know about this astonishing city that’s sure to enthrall visitors in one visit.

Favorite and familiar sites remain

The tech-enabled attraction has retained EXPO 2020’s most exciting and engaging pavilions. Forsan and Jubilee parks, children’s playground, visitor leisure facilities and entertainment venues remain open.

Uniquely popular sites remain open— Al Wasl Plaza, Women’s Pavilion, Vision Pavilion, tall rotating Garden in the Sky and the Water Feature (renamed Surreal) with gravity-defying waterfalls synchronized to music. Thankfully, even those giant iconic chain-gates stand tall allowing visitors to relive nostalgic memories walking through them again.

Pavilions to stay

Those who missed the EXPO are getting another opportunity to experience Alif – Mobility Pavilion and Terra – Sustainability Pavilion designed to offer interactive educational experiences to the kids.

During the 6-month run, Terra hosted science experiments and climate change exhibitions and was a famous stop for children of all ages. The 130-metre-wide structure features an oval building at its center with circular sprout-like solar paneled energy trees encircling it. Fitted with 4,912 panels and 18 energy trees, the site generates 4 GWh of electricity annually.

Alif houses 9-meter-tall models of Arabian explorers Ahmad Ibn Majid, Ibn Batuta and Al-Bakri. Following a comprehensive makeover, Mission Impossible – Opportunity Pavilion reopens as Dubai Museum showcasing the history of the world-charming fair and celebrates the success of Dubai edition of the event.

Also to stay are the Women’s Pavilion championing UAE’s women achievements and the Vision Pavilion honoring the remarkable mind and offering insight into Sheikh Mohammed’s life. During the fair, stunning displays and immersive projections gave visitors glimpses of Dubai’s transformation from a desert to a modern metropolis.

Country pavilions

Visitors to EXPO City Dubai can access the emblematic falcon shaped UAE Pavilion and the Saudi Pavilion modeled into slanting shard of mirrored panels. A refreshed version of a handful of countries remain including Luxembourg, Australia, Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan and India.

Did you know? The Luxembourg Pavilion gave visitors a thrilling experience of exiting the pavilion with a 30 feet slide.

A green and healthy city

Featuring a plastic ban and retaining 80 percent of original buildings, EXPO City scores high on eco-credentials. The development is the first ‘WELL-certified’ community prioritizing health and wellness in the region.

With health and well-being at its core, 10 kms cycling paths, 5 kms running tracks and 45,000 sq.ms of gardens are laid throughout. The fully pedestrianized neighborhood encourages visitors to actively explore the entire venue on foot or on bikes.

Ticket and timings

Most of EXPO’s realm is open and free to visit. So, even those without a ticket have the chance to relive the magic. The walkable city is worth a visit for families and friends looking for weekend activities on a budget.

A Dh 50 ($14) ticket is all you need to enter each pavilion. Children under 12 and people with disabilities enjoy free access. Garden in the Sky offering 360-degree views cost Dh 30 while children under 5 can enter free. Alif, Terra pavilions and Garden in the Sky are open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

Expo City has also launched one-day attraction pass valid from October 1 onwards aiming to let visitors enjoy all its flagship pavilions for just Dh 120.

Tickets are available online.

Now that you know everything about EXPO City when are you planning your visit?

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.