Houbara Tunnel — The new cycling underpass at Dubai’s Al Qudra

February 15, 2021

A cycling underpass in Dubai has been designated as ‘Houbara Tunnel’ to honour UAE’s most endangered birds — the houbara bustard. The tunnel highlights UAE’s extensive efforts to protect endangered animal species and promote the conservation of nature.

The poignant gesture, reflects His Highness’s concern for the wellbeing of humans and animals alike, Sheikh Mohammed, who had directed rerouting the cycling underpass at Seih Assalam Road to avoid disturbing the nesting settlement of houbara bustards in the vicinity, during a tour of construction works in 2017.

The Houbara Tunnel is also another noteworthy achievement in Dubai— the launch of an extensive cycling track network as part of its efforts to become one of the world’s most cycling-friendly cities.

The new underpass facilitates free movement of cyclists in both directions under Seih Assalam Road and links the cycling track parallely with the Al Qudra Road. The underpass is designed to ensure the safety to bikers as per the highest technical and traffic standards. The track features public amenities, rental bike outlets, cycling gear and a fully-equipped medical clinic. The Houbara Tunnel constitutes part of the 135 km-long Al Qudra cycling track, one of the most important cycling tracks in Dubai.

By the end of 2020, the total length of cycling tracks constructed in Dubai was 425 km. The RTA plans to build more cycling tracks that will increase the length of the network to 668 km by 2025.

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