Logistics and offloading the containers, installation of furniture

August 27, 2020

Our full set of skills and services were utilized in executing this massive project. E-Movers team completed this task efficiently and with great finesse. Our task was to manage the complete cycle of shipping from the origin, delivering it to the final destination and then assembling and fitting in the marked workspaces.

Containers were organized (by E-Movers) at the origin-destination and the loading of the furniture was completed by the furniture supplier. After the arrival of the container, our team guided the client with regards to the paperwork. We had a team of 50 members working per day to offload almost 250 containers in a span of 3 months. We coordinated with the client for the verification of export documents required for shipping and customs clearance. We also notified the client on expected customs duty against each shipment on receiving the documents.

E-Movers got all the documents verified for Import customs clearance. We prepared and submitted invoices for freight before 5 calendar days of shipment departure from origin. Every container which arrived at the location was thoroughly inspected by the team and offloaded.

The project was divided into two different phases as the implementation process was complex. One being the clearance of goods and the second phase being unloading of containers, distribution to the respective floors and installation of the furniture.

Logistics and offloading the containers

The project manager, operations manager & project coordinator visited the project site earlier, in order to check the readiness of each floor. The project manager coordinated with the client for the project site approval which included checking the rooms and distribution of the furniture to the respective rooms.

The team offloaded up to 6 containers each day and the team supervisor checked the number of packages received from each container during offloading as per packing list. If there was any discrepancy in quantity or any damages found, it was notified to the client immediately with proper report and images.

Our team members from packers to the managers pushed the envelope to accomplish the task to the best of our ability and industry standards. Our skills from International relocation to Furniture Installation were tested for this project. And we passed with flying colours.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.