Make your International Move to Sweden

August 4, 2023

Are you thinking about moving to a European Country? Then Sweden may be the right choice for you.

Sweden is a great place for expats to call home. Located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe, the Nordic country is engulfed by nature on all sides. In its fresh green land with world-class infrastructure, transportation, education and healthcare, residents enjoy a good life.

If you desire to live in a place where work-life balance, safety and welfare systems are valued, then Sweden is the right place for you. Though the list is endless, here are 5 good reasons why it is a great place to move to:

Affordable transportation network

From Stockholm’s metro to Gothenburg’s famous trams and countryside buses, the public transportation network is convenient and affordable. The best part is that it runs 24/7 on weekends and from 5.30 am till midnight throughout weekdays. You can reach even the remotest place in a breeze. This implies fewer cars, less traffic, less noise pollution and cleaner air in the city.

Beautiful landscapes

Sweden is an amazing country with stunning natural landscapes- national parks, wetlands, waterfalls, forests, hiking trails and magnificent lakes fill the land. Though winters are cold and harsh, summers are relatively pleasant, and people head to the city beaches which aren’t too far away. Apart from this, life is amazing year-round given its historic cities to explore and wonderful people to mingle with.

Relaxed way of life

The Swedish absolutely adore the concept of ‘Lagom’, which is ‘not too much, not too little’ striking the perfect balance in all aspects of life. With its people placing a huge focus on building a happy, relaxed and contented life, Sweden consistently ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world. Stressing less and spending quality time with friends and family are ingrained values for a relaxed lifestyle.

Work-life balance

Sweden places a strong emphasis on work-life balance. Nearly 480 days of parental leaves per annum, five weeks paid vacation, paid sick leave, and a standard 40-hour week with flexi-arrangements give working professional space for their life pursuits. Also, in Swedish culture ‘Fika’ is honoured, which are coffee breaks to tap into your social life, chat with friends, unwind and of course savor traditional treats.

Clean and green

Sweden has been in the top ten of the global Environmental Performance Index for exceptionally clean air, water and low emissions for more than a decade. The Swedish government has set ambitious goals for sustainability, including going fossil-free and 100 percent renewable energy by 2040.

Whether you’re moving there for work, family, or just a new beginning in life, we wish you the best in your relocation journey.

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Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.