Moving during Spring Vacation

April 3, 2024

It’s the time of the year when schools are having their spring break. Wouldn’t it be nice to plan your home relocation during this month involving the entire family?

Moving house is one of the most tiresome and stressful processes, especially when caring for small kids. Uprooting from your familiar and comfortable place, packing everyone’s stuff and settling into a new place is certainly anxiety-inducing. But what if the whole family acts as one unit, and the kids take up the challenge to pack their own stuff? To enable a smooth home relocation and get the family to act in unison we bring you some practical tips to get going with your holiday move.

Communicate and prepare the kids

The thought of moving out can both excite as well as stress your kids. They’ll be sad to bid goodbye to friends and worry about damaged/misplaced toys and play items. As a parent you can always openly talk and prepare them for the move. Motivate your little ones to help you with the packing chores with a promise of yummy treats after completion of the task.

Trigger their creativity

Kids love to indulge in activities and games. So why don’t you ask them to get creative with packing their stuff like toys, books, clothes in their boxes. You can also ask them to colour, paint and stick creative labels to their boxes so that they know their stuff is contained well. Making packing seem fun and thrilling will get them hands-on to quickly complete tasks.

Ask help for set up

In the new house, encourage the kids to set up their rooms first. Make them the architect of their rooms to decide which place to keep their books, clothes and tools. Making them responsible with their chores gives them a sense of responsibility and pride and they’ll relish this feeling of achievement.

Organize a party

Upon reaching the new home, get everyone to help to set the house up. Once you organize everything you can think of organizing a small housewarming party and inviting your new neighbors and their families. Organizing a few games will make the kids mingle and break the ice. And there you go, they’re busy with new friends too!

Take kids for a treat

After all the hard work of packing and organizing homes, your kids certainly deserve a treat. Take them on an exploration ride visiting key attractions in town, theme parks and play centers. Also, you can have them savor their favorite dishes in popular restaurants. This way the entire family is happy and acclimatizing to life in their neighborhood, and soon the kids will be ready for school too.

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Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.