Moving Home Post Loss of a Loved One

February 13, 2023

Tragedies can strike at any moment in life. Of all, the loss of a loved one causes unbearable sorrow. Emotions ranging from profound sadness, hopelessness, shock to guilt and regret overwhelm you each passing day. The memories of the deceased hover around you.

At times the only way to put behind these painful memories and move on with life is to relocate home. A new place brings change needed for your mind to heal. E-Movers, reputed international movers in Dubai, have moved people all over the globe. Our team of movers and packers in Dubai understand and empathizes with your feelings and will ensure no inconvenience whatsoever when moving.

Here are some tips to help you overcome the mourning phase and start life new

Carry your loved one’s memories

When moving home, you’ll need to say goodbye to the belongings of your departed loved one. Decide what you’ll take along or can pass to others. Though this process is emotionally draining, you’ll pay tribute to the person’s soul by carrying along his/her items that are truly memorable and irreplaceable.

Seek support

When in intense shock or grief, it’s normal to distance yourself from others and go into your shell. However, during testing times instead of bottling up your sentiments, it is better to pour them out to a close friend/relative. Crying and sharing your pain will ease the burden and accelerate your healing journey. If you aren’t coping, don’t hesitate to take help of clinical counselling and medication.

Time is the best healer

Post the loss of a dear one, we all grieve in different ways and the period of mourning can vary as per the relationship we shared with the person. While most of us may carry memories of the incident for several months, over time the pain will subside and transform into lingering memories. Move on with the love you always had for the person, and latch onto special memories that give you a reason to smile.

Go slow on yourself

Whether it’s your partner, parent, child, or relative, the death of a loved one makes you feel miserable, and healing takes its own course of time. Hence, it’s important to go at a slow and do what feels right. Avoid pressurizing yourself to relocate in haste or going through your loved one’s belongings right away. Remember to slow down, evaluate your decisions and take proper care of yourself during the lamenting phase.

It’s important to realize that the home relocation itself is not going to eliminate your grief as feelings follow you no matter where you go. However, a new environment can offer a much-needed fresh start.

Firm on your decision to move?

If you need help with moving E-Movers, professional movers in Dubai, can offer you help and support in your difficult times. From packing your stuff to disposing of what is no longer useful, our team will take care of it all. Even if you want to temporarily store your loved one’s belongings in a box away, book our storage services in Dubai till you decide what to do next.

Rely on our moving services to cause you no stress no mess during the grieving phase. Get in touch with our packers and movers on 800 366 8377 to book your move.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.