Moving Home Year End?

December 5, 2022

Excitement and cheer are in the air as it’s the jolly season. From decorating trees, houses, wrapping gifts and exchanging sweets, the list of to-dos is endless. And if you’re planning a move year-end, you’ll surely be under a lot of pressure given the packing and organizing involved.

Despite the pressure on you, the success of your moving endeavor will depend on how well you plan ahead and avoid mistakes. By hiring the services of the right movers in the UAE and taking care of a few points listed below, you can have the smoothest move.

Plan ahead

Last minutes runs to buy packing supplies and packing of things causes a lot of stress. In the chaos, you may misplace or lose out on important things.

The best remedy is to plan early to avoid last minute work. Having a list of to-dos each day will help you accomplish your packing goals one and one and give you much needed peace that everything is as per order.


If you’ve been procrastinating home decluttering for a long time, moving is the best time to get it done. Steeping into the new year with no clutter is also beneficial to your life.

As you dig into your wardrobe you realize how much stuff is unused and can make its way to the bin. Clothes, books, furniture in good condition can be put to noble use by donating it to people in need. This way you ensure goods are in circulation, the environment is free from waste, and you also travel lighter into your new abode.

Checklist culture

Planning your work and working your plan will help you maintain a much calmer and cooler disposition as your moving day approaches.

Once you have assessed what you’ll be taking along, you need to list out all the items. This checklist will help you make sure you have carried all the essentials, and nothing is left behind. You can verify the details you need to take care of for moving your plants or pets.

Have fun

No matter how colossal your packing and home set-up tasks are, a break occasionally is needed to replenish your energy.

Treat yourself to appetizing meals, some outdoor fun and refreshing walks in nature. These power doses in between work slots will keep your energy up for parties, get-togethers and visits to family/friends. Involve the kids in fun-filled activities such as creative present wrapping, baking yummy cookies and writing letters to Santa about the move.

Hire the right movers and packers

A lot can go wrong if you move with unprofessional movers in town. The least anyone wants is a frightening experience just before the new year.

Hence selecting an experienced moving company is imperative for a smooth relocation. Check out for factors such as number of moves executed in the past, client support through the moving process, and add on moving solutions – storage services and handyman services. Full-service UAE movers take care of furniture installation, and quick fixes allowing you and your family to settle much faster.

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Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.