Moving With Safety

November 1, 2020

In these challenging times, ensuring the safety of our client and their family members throughout the move is E-movers top priority. We are committed towards the well-being of our clients, employees and suppliers. We take every precaution to ensure a safe move for all.

Here are our top-safety practices we rigorously follow:

Virtual planning

We undertake contactless remote survey and estimation through online Zoom or Skype calls to comply with the social-distancing measures.

Fresh packaging

Our brand-new packing materials (cardboard boxes, tape, paper and other supplies) are all fresh and our warehouses are thoroughly sanitized.

Warm greeting, no shakes.

To avoid personal contact, expect a warm distant greeting from the moving team.

The moving team would always minimize contact with homeowners and remain 2 meters apart. Our staff continuously wear protective mask and gloves.

Germ-free hands

The moving crew wash their hands on entering the property and use separate paper towels and dispose them safely after use. Our crews carry along their supplies of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and sanitizers throughout the move. We never wash off our responsibility to keep you safe.

All our staff are thoroughly medically screened, and temperature checked, and we ensure no staff assigned for the move has any symptoms of COVID-19. At E-movers we take all precautions seriously, so you do not need to worry.

Rescheduling option

If anyone of your family member has contracted the virus and are in isolation, you can postpone your moving plan. Just a call to us is enough and we would reschedule the move at your convenience after a complete recovery.


The moving team will carefully arrange your belongings in your new home to ensure your safety.

As a matter of extra-caution, we recommend you give your boxes and furniture a good cleaning and wash your hands after you have handled them.

Our team is adequately trained and equipped to ensure your complete safety. Be assured when you entrust E-movers the moving job, you are safe in our professional hands.

We are confident that with the co-operation of our customers and moving teams, we can adjust to the new ways of work without compromising our business operations or customer service. Let us work together to get through this pandemic in good health.

Read our guidelines for ensuring health and hygiene. Our Customer handbook tells you in detail the precautionary measures to observe before, during and after your move.

Contact E-Movers on 800 EMOVERS (800 366 8377) for safe, secure and hassle-free moving services.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.