Moving your Gym Equipment with Ease

May 31, 2021

Daily workouts in your in-house gym offer more benefits when compared to paying for a gym membership. But when it comes to a relocation, it is the most back-breaking task to shift the bulky machines to a new place.

Gym equipment such as dumbbells, treadmills, elliptical machines and stationary bikes – are all big, heavy and the most difficult to dismantle and shift when it is time for a home move. Moving a home gym requires a high level of safety and moving it on your own could be a recipe for personal injuries and equipment damage. Hiring a professional moving company with the expertise to move fitness equipment can lift the weight from your shoulders.

E-Movers, an experienced and reputed moving company in the UAE, can help you safely relocate your gym equipment to your new home. No matter how lofty or heavy the equipment you are moving, you can count on us.

The team of professional packers and movers at E-Movers follow necessary guidelines and to safely pack and move your exercise gear.

Organizing and Inspecting

– Workout equipment often gets dirty. We first wipe off the dust and clean the equipment before the packing process commences.

– We carefully inspect the screws and other attachments before we begin to dismantle the equipment.

Careful dismantling

– We follow all the directions to dismantle exercise equipment as specified in its manual.

– We disassemble smaller pieces such as screws, bolts, electrical cords and accessories and wrap them in ziploc bags. They are properly labeled and marked for easy identification.

– The bags are then securely taped to the corresponding equipment itself to avoid misplacement or loss.

– Lastly, we make sure everything is locked before attempting to lift the equipment.

Specialized packing

– We use tear-proof packaging materials for wrapping individual pairs of hand weights, dumbbells and barbells. This prevents scratches and damages to the equipment during transit.

– Our strong and sturdy boxes would handle their weight. Cardboard boxes of varied sizes are used to distribute the weight of the equipment evenly.

– The boxes are additionally padded with crumpled paper sheets to avoid any damages during transit.

Moving Equipment

– Gym equipment is both heavy and awkward in shape that makes it difficult to move. Additionally, the machines generally weigh around 90 kg – 300 kg.

– Our varied sizes of furniture dollies make it easy to move the heavy equipment in and out of the moving vehicle.

– Once in the moving truck, all the exercise equipment is securely strapped and covered with extra padding for protection.

Our team of trained packers and movers in Dubai/Abu Dhabi can completely reassemble your home gym in order, so that you can effortlessly continue your fitness regime. Give your muscles the rest they deserve, before you commence work out in the new home gym.

Contact E-Movers, best international movers in the UAE, on 800 EMOVERS (800 366 8377) or click here to obtain a free online moving quote.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.