Need a Few Quick Repair and Fixes? Hire Our Handyman

November 1, 2023

Need a frame to be hung high on the wall that is too risky to do it yourself? Need a furniture piece to be dismantled and reassembled? Need to fit your blinds and curtains to perfection? We’ve the right professionals for the job.

At E-Movers, a top moving company in UAE, we not only move homes we also help set up and maintain homes. Working closely with homeowners over the years, we understand the various electrical, carpentry and maintenance tasks during move-in/move-out, renovation and festivals.

This is why we have trained our handyman team to handle all kind of tasks for home set-up. From minor repairs to full-fledged home improvements, we provide efficient and reliable handyman services to ensure your home is in top condition.

In just 3 steps you can have us at your doorstep and hands on the job to be done:

Tell us what needs to be done

Just tell us your list of to-do tasks and our handyman team will get it done. They’ll come equipped with the right tools and equipment (drills, wrench sets, saws and even a ladder if needed) to do the job in no time and that too to perfection.

Book a date and time

We understand how busy you are and that is why we’ll only work on the day and at the time convenient for you. When you book our handyman service you are assured quality, affordable and efficient home repairs and improvements

Watch them work, sit back and relax

Our handyman are pros at their job. They are trusted technicians who’ll ensure a safe and efficient job. As they take care of the tasks one by one in the list, just sit back and relax to only be amazed by the results.

E-Movers can help you move and set up home

E-Movers, renowned packers and movers in Dubai, are experts when it comes to house shifting, office shifting and organization. The best part is our handyman services are available independent of our relocation services and you can book us anytime you need. We also take customer feedback very seriously and will work on the tasks entirely to your satisfaction.

Whether you are giving your home/office a makeover or simply just sprucing the place for an occasion, hire your handyman services. Also, anytime you’re falling short of space or want to live with the bare minimum, you can consider booking our storage services too.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.