Planning a Summer Move in UAE?

June 2, 2024

Moving home itself is a stressful task but imagine how demanding it can get under the sun’s scorching heat. However, with the right movers by your side the same moving can be pleasant and worry-free…

The summer months of July to September in the UAE can touch temperatures up to 50 °C. Due to these tasks like packing, shifting, loading and unpacking can seem too tiring to handle. Also, during these months due to summer vacations there is a surge in home relocations, hence booking movers of your choice must be done in advance.

E-Movers, a renowned moving company in Dubai, has been moving individuals and families in all seasons in the rain or sun. Assigning your move to us will ensure you go on a happy and stress-free journey. In this post, we orient you towards a few useful tips you can follow to make your summer move less strenuous.

Time your move well

Always check the weather forecast and temperature conditions before you finalize your move. If the forecast shows sandstorms or extreme temperature rises opt for dates when the climate is less severe. Also, request the movers to schedule your move in the early morning or late evening when the temperature is bearable.

Protect items from heat

Sensitive and fragile items can get easily damaged in the heat. Make sure to pack these things separately and use a lot of paper rolls to shield them from head and further damage. Be extra careful when packing electronic items, candles and plants. Use cold storage boxes to transport perishable items.

Get extra hands-on packing

Packing in summer is a tedious task. The earlier you begin packing the better and if you still feel it’s too much to handle get your family members involved. Ask the kids to pack their toys, books and clothes, and your spouse can pack the heavy and fragile stuff on the weekends. Still if it is too much to handle, request relatives or friends to help you out.

Pack an essentials kit

The sweltering sun’s heat can easily deplete your energy and dehydrate you. Hence carry a chilled box of fruit juices and water bottles to sip on. Also pack some refreshing and cooling snacks like yoghurt, smoothies, salads and fruits that’ll boost your energy. Also munch some light sandwiches and wraps as in-between meals.

Wear light clothing

On the day of the move wear breathable cotton clothes and footwear. Don’t forget to carry along your goggles, cap, umbrella and sunscreen lotions. Have cold towels and wet wipes on hand which will be a great relief to wipe your sweat and cool you down.

Book packers and movers early on

As summer vacations are on and it is the peak season for moving, the top moving companies will be in high demand. Booking a trustworthy moving company in advance will reduce your worries and guarantee a stress-free relocation. Hence you need to book professional movers in advance (atleast 3 months before) to get the best quality moving services at a discounted price.

Following these tips and booking experienced movers in advance will ensure you so on a smooth and successful summer move.

Entrust your summer move to E-Movers

E-Movers, a top movers and packers in the UAE, has been helping people relocate without stress for over 20 years now. We’ve moved countless satisfied customers worldwide and are experienced in handling all kinds of relocations – local relocations, international removals, office shifting and commercial relocations.

Get in touch with our home movers today to finalize your move.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.