Premium+ : A new level of Comfort to Moves

October 1, 2022

When moving there’s so much to do – deep cleaning, fitting furniture and getting pest control done. What if all these services were bundled into a package to meet your end-to-end requirements? Luckily, E-Movers has tailor-made a Premium+ package to cover your every moving need.

E-Movers, a full-service UAE moving company has designed a complete Premium+ package to enhance the pride and pleasure of moving home. A host of services are grouped together for your ultimate comfort and convenience and make moves an absolutely No Mess No Stress one. Through experience and research in the home relocation business we understand moving inside out and offer an additional set of moving services to delight clients. We clean, install, repair, disinfect- there’s literally nothing we don’t do to make moves mess-free.

Here’s what Premium+ has in store for you to go on a complete hassle-free move.

Tech-abled Manager

To relieve you of all relocation worries, we deploy a move manager to oversee the entire moving process. He coordinates and delegates work to the team at the site. He supervises the crew of movers and packers to ensure everything is as per plan. At the destination, he’ll again re-check everything is set and record your feedback too.

Experienced Packers, Female Packers

Trained in packing techniques, our packers wrap your stuff with precision and pack anything despite their odd shape or size. Even your delicate items (artwork, crockery & antique items) are handled with caution to arrive in damage-free condition. Our fleet of lady packers bring additional comfort to female members in the house when packing their stuff from kitchen ware to apparel.

Innovative packing material

We employ high-quality packing materials to pack your valuables with care. Tear-proof and stink-free 5 Ply corrugated boxes (of assorted sizes) safely contain your belongings. Your clothes are shifted wrinkle free in portable wardrobes and hanger boxes. Flexible zip-lock bags cover your mattress and keep them free from dust or damage. Thick blankets protect your furniture and appliances from abrasions or scratches during moves.

Handyman services

Small, unfixed tasks pile up make your move uncomfortable and get in the way of settling down. This could be loose doorknobs, shabby cables, unplugged electrical appliances and furniture installation. Fortunately, our skilled handyman have got you covered for all odd repair and maintenance tasks and fix everything in no time.

Deep cleaning

Our deep clean services are designed to clean all those hard to access areas that aren’t easily accessible during routine clean. We remove stubborn stains, grease and other debris in tricky corners of your house or office. We leave no missed spots so that your place is spotlessly clean top to bottom.

Move-in/Move-out cleaning/Window cleaning

Our moving cleaning services give you not a single worry about cleaning. We tidy up your place for you to hand it over in best condition and enter a fresh clean one. Vents, windows, balcony doors, tiled surfaces and other tough to reach zones inside your house are intensively cleaned to ensure your space is all sparkling.

Pest control

Creepy creatures hiding inside your furniture or linen create havoc. This is where our pest control services eliminate them in minutes. Using fast-acting fumigants and gel insecticides we get rid of bugs, cockroaches and rodent infestation in every corner for a totally pest-free environment.

Ask Premium+ for your next move

If you need a variety of additional benefits when moving, E-Movers, best movers in UAE, have got you covered. Our Premium + package is ticked with a list of well-thought of moving services. Now that you can customize your moving as per your requirement, your move cannot be much better.

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Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.