Tips for Relocating Your Pet Turtle

May 2, 2024

When shifting house, you cannot afford to leave your pet turtles behind…After all it has been a part of your home, and the kids absolutely love playing with them. Even the thought of leaving your pets can cause you worry.

As a pet owner, if you are determined to take your pet turtles along you need to make informed decisions when shifting them. Keep in mind that turtles are territorial beings and have a strong homing instinct. So, relocation can cause them stress and disorientation and they’ll take a while to settle into their new habitat. This is why relocating turtles should be done with care and caution, keeping in mind their well-being. In this piece our home movers offer some general guidelines to follow when relocating your pet turtle:

Feed your turtle before a move

The day before the move ensure your turtle is well fed. Feed it a balanced diet that includes pet food pellets and fresh vegetables. Just before shifting the turtle remove uneaten food and wash and clean its glass container. Pebbles, water plants and other fixtures in their tank can all be dried and packed into plastic bags.

Packing the turtle

Either you move the turtle in a wide dry plastic bucket or a box with holes bunched for air. If it is a short distance move, it’s best to keep the turtle inside your car or moving vehicle across the journey. If it is to be relocated by air, please check the rules and regulations that apply. Some airlines accept them inside the cabin if they are in a compliant carrier and are not removed during the flight.

As a matter of caution, it is always safe to seek advice from a vet before attempting to shift your turtle to avoid prolonged sickness and death.

Place theme in a serene environment

Turtles are sensitive to noise and are easily affected by loud disturbances during the move. So as soon as you reach your home place them in a quiet corner to minimize stress and help them acclimatize to their new environement.

Create a suitable habitat

Mimic the natural environment of the turtle as closely as possible. Provide a basking area, some dark hiding spots, and a clean water source. Fill the tank back with clean and dechlorinated water with a shallow area for basking in the natural light and a deeper area for swimming.

Monitor its health

In the days after the move observe your pet turtle for any signs of distress. If you notice reduced movement, changes in appetite or loss of appetite consult a veterinary doctor.

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Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.