Relocation of Specialty and Exotic objects

November 1, 2022

Relocation is itself a big adventure that requires care and caution but imagine the amount of meticulous planning required to move specialty objects?

The very nature of specialty projects requires in-depth planning and coordination between various crew members. It is like passing the baton, where every member’s contribution matters to achieve project relocation success. Classified as unique, big, delicate, the movement of specialty goods requires specialized care as these items are of high intrinsic value and therefore irreplaceable. Examples include fine art pieces, antique units, musical instruments, heirloom furniture and fossils.

Apart from monetary value, these goods carry high sentimental value like your vintage clock, classical piano or chest drawers gifted by your great-grandfather. Even a scratch is intolerable. That’s why when moving exotic goods, it’s prudent to choose a well-equipped moving company in UAE with a fair amount of experience in transporting such things.

At E-Movers, best movers Abu Dhabi/Dubai, we take pride in having executed several ‘Specialty Moving Projects’. The list includes fossil relocation, shifting of fine artworks, crystal chandeliers and furniture of unique shapes. Our expertise in handling precious antiques was put to the test in several projects in the past and we’ve passed with flying colours.

Here’s a brief glimpse into what all goes into moving precious goods:

  • A project manager and coordinator are assigned the responsibility of moving specialty objects. They’ll visit the site to verify the dimensions and characteristics of the objects to be moved and assess the intensity of care needed for moving. A master plan for packing and moving will be devised, along with a checklist of every detail to be considered.
  • Under watchful supervision, our movers and packers dismantle and wrap the items. Customized boxes and crates are utilized to cover unique shapes and a judicious amount of padding and bubble wraps protect from any form of damage.
  • All your goods and artefacts are transported in air-conditioned vehicles to preserve them in their best condition during transit and our drivers are trained to take the safest routes to avoid road bumps and steep turns that could jolt your items.
  • Every team member from manager, project-coordinator, packers and loaders pushes their limits to accomplish damage-free shifting of priceless stuff. Rigorously trained in moving hacks, every moving assignment is executed to the fullest in line with industry standards.
  • As licensed and insured packers and movers, the best part is a reputed insurance company can support an uncontrollable situation if something goes haywire. Though such incidents have been rare, knowing this will put you at ease after you assign your extra sensitive items to us.

Now that you know the efforts gone into moving, trust E-movers as your go-to UAE movers to carefully shift your prized possessions.

Move the unique with E-Movers

E-Movers, expert furniture movers in UAE, have a proven track record in shifting unique objects within the allotted time and minimal disruption. Read more on our fossil relocation project we executed in the past.

You get your stuff in the exact state it was in the location mentioned. Try our specialty moving services by submitting your request online or dial 800 366 8377 to speak to our Dubai movers.

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.