Facilitating Stress-free International Moves

September 1, 2022

Moving across countries is a strenuous task. It involves tons of paperwork, packing, freight, unpacking all of which consume massive amounts of time and effort, invariably leading to stressful situations.

The key to ensuring your international move is successful and trouble-free lies in our meticulous move management services. At E-Movers, top-notch international movers in UAE, we devise a detailed move plan based on your needs and budgetary constraints. After which, we undertake all practical arrangements including packing, transport, storage, shipping, customs clearance and insurance.

Here’s how E-movers facilitate your international moves:

Origin services

Survey – A physical survey is carried out to inspect all the items to be transported and assess the weight. We will also help you decide what to carry along, and that could be left behind or put into storage.

Estimate – Based on the client requirement, a cost-effective budget is created and discussed with you.

Dismantling and packing – Once the quote is approved, our movers and packers will have all your items systematically dismantled and packed as per export/import standards.

Loading into containers – Assigned crew manager will oversee all your items are safely loaded into containers at the port.

Destination services

Clearing the goods – As customs regulations vary from country to country, we will brief you on the exact requirement of the country you are moving to. We will take care of the customs inspection, documentation, clearance, and transportation.

Transporting to destination – After customs clearance, the goods are transported either into local storage or your new home (if ready). If not port/airport demurrage charges will accumulate per day at the port.

Unloading and packing – If you have requested us to both deliver and unpack for you, our delivery crew will unpack your items according to your instructions and cross-check the inventory to ensure everything has arrived in good condition.

Clearing debris – After completion of unpacking, we ensure the area is clean and clear of debris.

Wing your international move with reputed international packers and movers

At E-Movers, we are a  FIDI  Accredited International Mover (FAIM)  that follow the most stringent  international quality standards  when executing moves across the globe and our  FAIM Quality label  certifies our fail-proof moving services.  

As a process-driven professional UAE moving company, our primary motive is to ensure a stress-free moving experience to any part of the world through our integrated services & expertise stemming from 18+ years of service in the industry. We can even guide you with more specialists move tasks such as transporting vehicles and relocating pets. Get in touch on 800 366 8377 and we will arrange an effortless home relocation  for  you. 

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.