Thrilling Activities to Experience at Expo 2020 Dubai

February 28, 2022

From exhilarating pavilions to the most inspiring exhibits, here are the must-tries before Expo 2020 closes on March 31, 2022.

Top country pavilions to visit

Singapore Pavilion

A botanical masterpiece, it’s hard to tell where nature begins and architecture ends. The building is covered throughout in a net-zero energy rainforest powered by a self-sustaining ecosystem. A canopy walk takes visitors through the space flanked by forest trees, capped with breathtaking hanging plants. Visitors can stroll across an undulating green landscape, a testament to the country’s reputation as a city in a garden.

Switzerland Pavilion

From the inside and outside, the Swiss Pavilion is worth exploring. The red-carpet entrance reflects onto the mirrored shell of the building. The pavilion reflects the country’s diversity – from magnificent landscapes to innovative projects for a sustainable future. Inside, you can immerse yourself in the chill climate with an indoor uphill walk-through real fog. Swiss chocolate is center stage with a Sprungli Boutique and Cafe, where you satiate your sweet cravings.

Saudi Arabia Pavilion

The spectacle of this pavilion is clearly visible with vivid illumination from the outside. As you enter the basement you can try your luck with a rain simulator, without getting wet. However, the fun really starts on the escalator up, which takes you through a tunnel of replicas, built to resemble the Kingdom’s famous structures. At a giant 13,059 square meters, the pavilion is the second largest at Expo. The building boasts of a globe-shaped screen that shows a reel of footage, highlighting captivating sceneries in the kingdom.

Top attractions to see

Chill at Expo 2020 Water Feature

The coolest fountain, the ‘Water Feature’ is a must-visit – it’s 13 meters high and features 153 dancing water jets. Water tumbles down the vertical walls accompanied by an orchestral score from the award-winning composer of the Game of Thrones theme music. Three viewing platforms overlook the lower plaza area that’s usually filled with excited visitors slipping off their shoes for a paddle. At the center is a spiral sculpture that comes alive at night with a dramatic fire-spewing feat.

Incredible Al Wasl Dome Light Shows

The beating heart of Expo, Al Wasl Dome should be on every visit list. The world’s largest 360-degree projection dome, the structure is 67.5 meters tall and 130 meters in diameter and is the main staging area for the event. Beneath a lush garden grows, and visitors can find a shady spot during the day, but the real magic comes at dusk, when spectacular light and display technology show spellbinding projection bringing the dome to life.

Enjoy Garden in the Sky Views

Go up 55 metres on this 360-degree observation tower and enjoy sweeping views of Expo 2020. The rotating tower at Jubilee Park is lined with lush greenery on top. At night, the base of the tower beams with light, as do the rings around the observation cabins. Each ride lasts about six minutes, with rides every 10 minutes.

Exciting places to go with children

The Desert Farm

Located in Al Forsan Park, the Farm is a dedicated space where children can learn about the different kind of plants that thrive in the desert as well as how scientists are trying to turn deserts into farmland in an attempt to fight deforestation. The Desert Farm is also located near Latifa’s Adventures playground, a space-themed park that features a replica of the UAE’s Hope Probe.

30-ft Slide at Luxembourg Pavilion

Luxembourg has found the perfect way to lure families with children: a giant 30-ft slide drops visitors straight down to a green area filled with trees and woody fragrances that reflect the forests of the European country. Honestly, you will have a gala time with this lifetime ride.

Meet Smart Robots

The friendly Opti robots are specially designed for children. If you visit Expo, there is no doubt that you will stumble upon roaming robots from Opti, smart security robots to food delivery ones. These artificially intelligent devices enhance visitor experience and it’s a fun moment for kids to interact and capture photos with them.

Lastly, a fun activity that you can reminisce about…

Passport stamp-collecting expedition

One of the most exciting activities is kids collecting passport stamps. The 50-page booklet contains designs and pictures of the three pavilions –Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. But with 191 pavilions, it’s next to impossible to do it in a day. Just purchase the passport and set off to as many pavilions as possible to get it stamped at the exit.

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Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.