Top Reasons to Move to Al Ain

April 2, 2024

In the vast dessert lands of United Arab Emirates, Al Ain is an oasis in the middle of the desert. Known for its greenery, stretches of palm trees, parks and gardens, it is known as the “Garden City” and is also the fourth-largest city in the UAE.

E-Movers, the most sought-after movers in Abu Dhabi/Dubai, have moved several families across the UAE and Al Ain has always been on top of the list. Its lush green and quieter living, historical roots and varied employment opportunities have lured people to shift. The city also boasts of a thriving expat community, a secure environement and a range of leisure activities. In this article, our home movers have curated a list of benefits you can enjoy when living in Al Ain.

Natural scenery

Engulfed with red dunes, vegetable farms and palm trees, this Emirate is a green haven in the UAE. Surrounded by the majestic Hajar Mountains, several oasis spots and natural hot springs add to its charm. Its ancient irrigation system Falaj waters the trees, which you see in the Al Ain Oasis tourist spot. In addition, Green Muzbarrah, and Jabeel Hafeet park are famous picnic spots for those who want to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty.

Historical heritage

Al Ain is rooted in a tapestry of rich history and cultural heritage. The city is home to several museums, forts and historic sites, including the Al Ain Palace Museum, Al Jahili Fort and Hili Archaeological Park. Visitors can shop for handmade crafts, carpets, textiles and spices in its several traditional souq markets.

Host of amenities

The city is home to several international schools, as well as a university. In addition, it is filled with distinct shopping malls and healthcare facilities, presenting residents with all the basic amenities. The city is also divided into several industrial zones, which provide opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship and business development. Its growing economy present jobs in various sectors, including retail, education, healthcare, hospitality, dairy and tourism.

Affordable and quality living

Compared to other cities in the UAE, living costs in Al Ain are relatively cheaper. Housing, restaurants and transportation costs are generally lower than Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Plus, the city offers serene living and spacious accommodation at much lower prices. Traveling around the city is also easy with plenty of local taxis and buses from the central bus station and each of its roundabouts is a sight to watch out for. Plus, a well-connected road network makes travel to neighboring cities a breeze.

We hope your house shifting to Al Ain gives you a peaceful and happy life ahead.

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