UAE ranked as global leader in fiber optic network for a third year in a row

May 16, 2019

The United Arab Emirates known for its fast-growing advancements in technology and economy has beaten the global competitors and has been awarded the first position for the highest Fiber to Home or FTTH penetration for the third time consecutively as reported by the FTTH Council. UAE has beat strong contenders in leading technology like Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and Japan.

The achievement was accomplished by Etisalat, whose vision is to have an evolutionary digital transformation across its network connections. Etisalat has commented saying that “We achieved the goal with the help and continuous support and vision of the leadership of UAE in the development and modernization of the infrastructure”. As the demand for the network grows, Etisalat is pioneering in introducing new services in order to meet those demands. To stimulate further growth and to navigate the digital transformation, Etisalat has intentions to invest AED 4 billion in 2019.

Etisalat’s path to digital transformation constitutes in ‘Driving the Digital Future to Empower Societies’ and forming their strategic objectives on the same ideology. The organization through its past and current endeavors have displayed their vision which spills into the future ventures undertaken in order to expand their reach to form a cohesive and technologically advanced network.

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