Unpacking Tips: One Room at a Time

August 2, 2023

After moving into a new home, you’re so happy and excited to settle in that you may start unpacking without any order. However, with things scattered around it’ll lead to more mess and demand more of your energy and time.

Unpacking is not just about pulling possessions out of boxes and filling them into your new home, it’s also about putting them in the right order for easy access. Finding the things when you need them the most is an amazing feeling while searching for hours together to find something can be the most exasperating feeling.

When you start unpacking and placing your stuff one room at a time, you’ll be much clearer about what you placed where. As experienced packers and movers in UAE, we’ve listed some tips to make your unpacking process easier and in order.

Follow a packing plan

Pack and label your boxes room-wise and list their contents to make the unpacking effortless. On arrival, the next thing is to shift the boxes in their respective rooms to have the things arranged into closets more quickly. No matter how tempting it may seem, resist the urge to unpack boxes randomly as you’ll end up scattering things and misplacing some in the process too.

Unpack the kitchen first

If you don’t plan to eat out for the first few days, then it’s essential to get your kitchen up and in functioning order. Placing cutlery and plugging essential appliances will help you cook some quick meals. Organizing your pantry will let you gobble snacks and bites on the go.

Unpack room by room

The next room you need to unpack will depend on its usage. In the event you work from home then it’s essential to get your home office set up so that you can commence work the next day. If you have a baby, then setting up the nursery is a priority. Next move on to the restrooms by setting up the toiletries, then bedrooms by setting a make-shift comfy bed for you to sleep on. The living room and garage are some of the last rooms you can attend to.

Get more hands involved

If you have a lot of stuff to arrange, get more helping hands. Let the kids unpack their toys and books, your spouse can help set up the kitchen and closets. If you are falling short of hands, then rope in external help (a trusted friend, relative or even a maid) to organize all your stuff.

Get rid of packing materials

When you finish unpacking, you’ll find a lot of torn tape and cardboard around the house. We recommend that as soon as you unpack, throw away the empty and tattered boxes into the bins. By clearing up the waste then and there, the space soon starts to feel like home.

Well, a little planning and some good organizational hacks can certainly make unpacking less stressful.

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Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.