Upsizing Home?

February 18, 2023

Feeling crammed in a smaller home due to a growing family? Unable to get privacy with shared rooms? Then it’s time to upsize your home.

Though the primary reason for upscaling homes is additional space, there could be more factors behind the decision. More comfort, privacy, more space for guests and family over weekends can be other motivating factors.

Upsizing home means the process of moving to a more spacious house than the one you’re currently living in. E-Movers, best movers and packers in Dubai, have relocated families to all kinds of homes and relate well to the patterns and underlying reasons why people move. In this article, we discuss the reasons people upscale their homes.

Growing family

Newlyweds look for starter homes to live in, but once they grow a family they find the home falling short of space. This is where upsizing home to accommodate the needs of a growing family turns a common reason to move out. A larger home with more rooms provides the ideal living environment to raise their children.


Having to wait in a queue to use the bathroom? No place in the house to unwind after a tiring day? Limited kitchen space turning cooking into chaos? People seek comfort at home, and if the current one isn’t convenient enough, they won’t hesitate to move to larger homes. A larger kitchen, more bathrooms, porch, balconies, and outdoor patio facing the pool/garden offer comfort. After all, enjoying a sense of space in the house is a terrific feeling.


When living in jammed spaces, families often encounter stressful situations that wouldn’t have occurred had they been living in larger homes. This is why people upsize homes to get much-needed privacy in their lives. Newlyweds wanting disturbance free time, teenagers wanting their own rooms to dedicate to increasing studies or pursue hobbies, parents requiring a roomy bedroom to relax after work hours are more reasons.

Financial status

Got promoted on the job, salary doubled? Are business profits pouring in? When a person’s financial status changes the desire to live better, bigger homes automatically seep in. This is when people buy or lease larger homes to maintain their lifestyle as per their status. The move could be to modern homes in posh gated communities with more facilities such as gardens, playgrounds, 24/7 security and scenic views.

Upsizing home? Move with the best movers

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Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.