Our Lady Packers Excel in Packing Services

August 5, 2022

Breaking into and leaving a mark in the corporate world is no easy feat for women. Despite facing a share of challenges and prejudice, women have marched forward even in the male-dominated packers and movers industry. As innate multitaskers, they are in the vanguard of meeting and rising above work/life stress challenges.

At E-Movers, a top relocation company in UAE, we believe in turning the tables around for women and supporting them in all their endeavours. This is why the CEO of E-Movers- Siddhi Joshi has been steering the team to excellence and we’re proud of her being awarded the Top SME Women Leaders 2022. This same thinking lies behind the introduction of our pioneering ‘Lady Packer Services’ that tops the list of our moving services.

I explain the reasons why our lady packers have been well appreciated by our clients and I dedicate this article to all women who have broken the shackles of biases and made their mark in the business world.

Inborn homemaker

Women applying their unique set of skills play a significant role in uplifting the level of our moving services. As natural homemakers, they are adept organizers and pay attention to details when shifting expensive or delicate stuff. They also do the finishing touches as required. Over the years our clients have recognized and thanked our lady packers for the dedication and care they bring to packing. This is the reason organizations are vouching for the cause of recruiting more female staff in the packaging industry.

Keep women’s crown high

Women can better understand other women, especially the underlying emotions and sentiments attached to their belongings (be it jewellry or kitchenware). As lady packers connect better to the moving needs of women in the house, they can manage their apprehensions when shifting their personal stuff (feminine attire, expensive paintings or antique collections). Also, the next best thing for women is to see other women helping them during the most challenging moments in life and supporting each other to keep their crown high.

Living up to our motto

As lady packers are accustomed to packing and organizing fragile stuff with utmost precision and care, families in the UAE have certainly benefited from this facility. Our clients have been delighted by the additional comfort they bring to moving and have outrightly expressed encouraging feedback. Thus by offering this ultimate relocation experience, we’ve been truly living up to our motto ‘No Stress, No Mess’.

“Women trying to do the unconventional will attract a thousand eyeballs. Earlier I used to be the only girl packing, but today we’re a dozen excelling at our job. Thanks to our clients who appreciated our services.”- A Lady Packer

What sets E-Movers apart as the best movers in Dubai is our skilled crew of packers, punctuality and trustworthiness. Not only are we experienced and reliable, we’re also professionally committed to meeting your distinct relocation needs. Our trained and caring staff are committed to coordinating complex projects and making it simple. Our priority lies in earning and retaining your trust with hassle-free moving experiences.

Now that you know why our lady packers excel at E-Movers, try out this fulfilling service when moving next to delight the women in your house.

Chirantan Joshi, Managing Director, E-Movers

Disclaimer: The stories are a work of fiction based on facts. Identies and details may have been altered to suit the narrative.