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E-Movers Dubai – FIDI FAIM certified company

Selecting a relocation company for an International move can be very tedious. There are many factors one should keep in mind while selecting a moving company. In worst case scenario you may experience loses such as

  1. Damage or loss of your personal things caused by poor packing, inadequate packing materials
  2. Delays caused by badly maintained vehicles that break down, documentation not being completed or submitted properly
  3. Damage to your home at origin or destination caused by a lack of care or failure to protect your property before goods are moved in/out etc.

FIDI FAIM certified company comply with over 200 quality requirements to demonstrate they are qualified to complete an international move. E-Movers Dubai is a FIDI FAIM certified company and we adhere to the following rules very strictly

  1. Operations – including checks that we are operating legally and safely, with the appropriate permits and licenses, with responsibility toward environmental protection
  2. Procedures – we ensure there is clarity and transparency of our contracts, what documentation we provide, how and when and our communication and responsiveness.
  3. Customer service – how we handle claims and complaints, the number we receive and our customer feedback levels.
  4. Vehicles – their suitability for international moves, cleanliness, theft protection measures such as tracking, up to date licenses and legal operation, fire protection and safety checks.
  5. Qualified Staff – Training we provide ensures they are qualified and capable of doing their job well
  6. Warehouses and facilities – ensuring we have professional offices, warehouses and supporting equipment that are safe and fit for purpose
  • Your workforce were always professional, taking care not to damage our product or fabric of the building.

    Philip Morgan – Schivaello
  • Your team's attitude, skill and timeliness are commendable and are rare in this market.

    Mohmad Afzal – Arabian Company
  • You are organized and easy to work with, just as your taglines "No mess No stress".

    Boban Titus – Furnicon Royal Interiors
  • Team was efficient, professional, on-time and ensured that all of our assets are properly handled.

    Jan Elschenbroich – DHL
  • Superb, Very Professional, Incredibly helpful and capable.

    Alexandra Thompson – Istithmar World