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  • Move the Organised Way

    Move the Organised Way

    I used to be a Solicitor, working for big global businesses based in London and Dubai. That was my dream from when I was a teenager at Grammar school and I succeeded. My speciality was Corporate, Company and Intellectual Property…

  • The Iron Man

    The Iron Man

    Nobody defines growth like Issam ElChayeb does, an authoritative figure, we met during an ongoing warehouse relocation project. Currently at Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), Abu Dhabi working as Section Manager-Assets …

  • An Unexpected Life

    An Unexpected Life

    “Unexpected”, is the word that pops on the top of his head when Jafar Diab is asked to pick a single word that describes his journey till now. He is currently Chief of the Purchasing Unit at the Abu Dhabi Monetary Fund and has …

  • The Transformer Lady

    The Transformer Lady

    A plump girl who had just finished 3 years at Mumbai’s prestigious Sophia College could have very well walked into a wedlock, but bigger things awaited her.

  • Fearless Suresh, Get, Set, Goal.

    Fearless Suresh, Get, Set, Goal.

    Story on Suresh Fearless Suresh Get, Set, Goal. Huddled in the boot of a white Range Rover, a blue-collar labourer was heading to the immigration office with his sponsor to get his work permit. It was the first foreign car he had…

  • Declutter to De-stress!

    Declutter to De-stress!

    Every time I introduce myself as a decluttering and tidying up consultant, people look at me puzzled – wondering what it is I actually do. The reference to ‘Marie Kondo’ or the ‘Home Edit’ on Netflix usually does the…