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  • Discipline and Dreams Go Together

    Discipline and Dreams Go Together

    Story on Abbas Discipline and Dreams Go Together The first reminder sets off to Abbas ‘Visit Site 1’ as I am left hanging on a call while he drives to work early morning. Unable to catch him for an interview I finally manage…

  • Dreams Wake you Up

    Dreams Wake you Up

    Story on Islam Dreams Wake You Up! Some people dream of success while a few wake up and work hard for it. No one defines this better than Islam Ahmad, a Successful Project Manager at Future Technical Services. Our association with …

  • A Doting Daughter All her Life

    A Doting Daughter All her Life

    Story on Ritu A Doting Daughter All her Life Single by choice, Ritu Anand is a woman who upholds her forte and refuses to lurk behind anyone’s shadows. As the Sales and Project manager of Al Maarifa Lab Supplies LLC, her…

  • A Leap of Faith

    A Leap of Faith

    Nobody defines change better than Marc Hallac, an established project manager of A2Z Furniture. Our relationship with Marc dates to 2012 when we met during our ongoing furniture installation and logistical projects in Abu Dhabi.

  • Move the Organised Way

    Move the Organised Way

    I used to be a Solicitor, working for big global businesses based in London and Dubai. That was my dream from when I was a teenager at Grammar school and I succeeded. My speciality was Corporate, Company and Intellectual Property…

  • The Iron Man

    The Iron Man

    Nobody defines growth like Issam ElChayeb does, an authoritative figure, we met during an ongoing warehouse relocation project. Currently at Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), Abu Dhabi working as Section Manager-Assets …