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  • The Transformer Lady

    The Transformer Lady

    A plump girl who had just finished 3 years at Mumbai’s prestigious Sophia College could have very well walked into a wedlock, but bigger things awaited her.

  • Fearless Suresh, Get, Set, Goal.

    Fearless Suresh, Get, Set, Goal.

    Story on Suresh Fearless Suresh Get, Set, Goal. Huddled in the boot of a white Range Rover, a blue-collar labourer was heading to the immigration office with his sponsor to get his work permit. It was the first foreign car he had…

  • Declutter to De-stress!

    Declutter to De-stress!

    My mom was dismayed to discover that her highly qualified, well-employed daughter had left her handsomely paying managerial job and taken up cleaning people’s houses?

  • A Fan Forever

    A Fan Forever

    Samira recalls the scene vividly. She is sitting in a café. She checks her watch again, for the third time. Surely, they had agreed to meet today at 6pm

  • One Good Woman

    One Good Woman

    A plot of land and the dream of an organic farm awaits, if she does choose to return.

  • Chained to Dubai by a Labrador

    Chained to Dubai by a Labrador

    The thought of moving home can send shivers down the spine of the bravest of persons, but then, there are exceptions. E-Movers Move On editors drove down to the Cedar Villas in Silicon Oasis to meet the couple who make…